FAW Make Grants available

By Ronald Bridges

Grants being made for clubs in Tier One to Four by FAW

AW Matchday Support Grant proposal
Grant Funding
Who is eligible?
• FAW affiliated clubs at Tiers 1-3 of the Men’s pyramid
• FAW affiliated clubs at Tier 1 of the Women’s pyramid
• Area Association affiliated clubs at Tier 4 of the Men’s pyramid
• Area Association affiliated clubs at Tier 2 of the Women’s pyramid
How much can clubs apply for?
Tier, Maximum Grant, Fund Total
FAW Tier 1 (Men and Women) £10,000 (M.12x£10K + W.9/8x£10K) £205,000
FAW Tier 2 (Men) £5,000 £160,000
FAW Tier 3 (Men) £1,000 £64,000
TOTAL £429,000
Tier, Maximum Grant, Fund Total
Area Assoc. Tier 4 (Men) , £1,000, £128,000
Area Assoc. Tier 2 (Women), £3,000, £48,000
TOTAL £176,000
Total project cost - £605,000
FIFA recently launched their Covid-19 Relief Grant to all Member Associations. This includes a Solidarity Grant of $1m
(circa £750K) and a Women’s Football grant of $500K (circa £375K) in order to establish an effective and meaningful
plan that both provides immediate liquidity relief to Member Associations and offers support to the whole football
Whilst the FAW has estimated loses of circa £3m in the financial year (£1.5m attributed to Covid-19) the FIFA monies
are incremental and unbudgeted. The FAW has considered previously the possibility of Club Grants at the start of the
pandemic but the full impact on the Association was unquantifiable (and remains so!). But with this additional grant,
very due consideration should be given to the proposed FAW Matchday Support Grant, a one-off grant, available to
Clubs, financed through the FIFA Covid-19 Relief Plan. All remaining grant monies would off-set immediate Covid-19
incremental costs and further investments to regain lost ground due to the pandemic.
What is the Grant for?
The purpose of the proposed FAW Match Day Grant is;
• To support clubs fixed costs, although clubs should work to minimise all costs
• To allow clubs to ensure that they retain their facilities by not defaulting on lease payments
• To make the changes necessary to satisfy the latest FAW and Government guidance
• To ensure their stadia are safer for the return of football and supporters
• To supplement income due to playing behind closed doors
The fund will help eligible clubs cover the costs of implementing their COVID-19 risk assessment and action plan. It
should be spent in one or more of the following areas:
• Stadium Rent (for leased facilities only)
• Keeping facilities and equipment clean
• Maintaining social distancing and avoiding congestion
• Promoting good hygiene
Listed in Appendix 1 are examples of what items may and may not be purchased or installed using Matchday Support
FIFA Covid- 19 Relief Grant
FAW Matchday Support Grant proposal
Due to the women’s domestic re-structure and the 2020/21 season being a transitional season with no clear Tier 2 and
Tier 3 defined leagues, and in order for us to build back better as part of the re-structure where there is clear focus on
youth development and sustainability as part of the licence criteria, it’s proposed that the COVID-19 relief grant be
paid to the 16 Tier 2 women’s teams confirmed for the 21/22 season at the start of that season. The domestic restructure is a project of significant importance to the women’s strategy and with key changes bein g introduced in
terms of minimum criteria in Tier 2, the grant would have far greater impact by waiting until 21/22 season.
Appendix 1
Eligible Costs Ineligible Costs
Stadium Lease Costs Commission or consultancy fees
Building repairs / modifications Decorating
Cleaning and sanitisation General stadium works (not related to COVID-19)
Contactless payment systems Partnership funding for WGI applications
Fencing or one-way systems Pitch maintenance works
PPE equipment for staff or volunteers Players wages
Portable dugouts Purchase of goalposts or nets
Professional inspections Purchase of fuel
Safety screening Purchase of kit or equipment
COVID signage and floor markings Purchase of grounds maintenance machinery
Social distancing measures Staff wages
Supporter engagement activities Referee costs
Ticketing systems Player Registration Fees
Track and trace Disciplinary Fees
Any other requirement arising from current or
updated Welsh Government or FAW guidance that is
Additional stewarding
Appendix 2 - The Application Process
Clubs will need to submit the official Grant Form to the FAW by the set deadline using the systems and procedures as
agreed by the executive. For the FAW to work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 clubs in its compliance with the FAW Return to
Play Regulations, the application should be submitted to the FAW for review.
For Tier 3 clubs and below, a disclaimer should be completed, confirming that the grant will only be spent on Eligible
Grant payments for Men’s Teams will be split (50:50) in October 2020 and early 2021 based on the dates when the
monies are received by the FAW. Due to Women’s Domestic Re-Structure, the COVID-19 relief grant will be made in
two instalments, one in October 2020 for £5,000 to each WPWL club (x9) in the league in 2020/21 season, and a
second for £5,000 per club (x8) 8 teams who are successful in gaining entry to Tier 1 as part for the 21/22 season at
the start of next season

Where next?

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